Thursday, 11 July 2013

Exclusive Interview with Kindle Alexander

We are so lucky to have the BEST SELLING author of Texas Pride and The Current Between Us (to name a few) join us at BR. That's right, the wonderful, Kindle Alexander.

It’s nice to meet you Kindle. Thanks for letting us pick your brain.
The Current Between Us is a new genre for us at Booky Ramblings and we were pleasantly intrigued.
The first thing we would like to know is;

What motivated you to become a writer? 

 First, Thank You for letting me be here. I’m excited for the opportunity, especially since this is a new genre for you! Yay! you guys for taking it on.
few years ago. I’ve been a lifelong reader, but I got the chance to role play a character who eventually turns out to be gay. I wrote fan fiction and not very well, but it was the only thing that took my mind off my loss. It was magical the way writing healed my soul. One thing led to another and two years later I’m writing stories. 

Sorry for your loss. That must have been tough. A beautifully sad tale.
We were gender crossing virgins before The Current Between Us, we would love to know what it is that inspires this style of genre? 

The true answer goes back to Blay, the role play charrie above. Blay Rocke turns out to be a gay vampire wharrior. I was like you. I had never read anything other than male/female. It was only by accident that I stumbled into the gay fiction world. And boy did it suck me immediately in. I did research to better write Blay and I honestly haven’t really read anything else since being introduced to the genre. I LOVE IT! I never realized how Hot two guys could be together. It’s a natural read and just plain sexy when done right. It’s so surprising. I encourage every romance reader to try it.

There is no doubt that Trent and Gage are HOT! It certainly opened new doors. However, we just LOVE the kids in the story, Hunter and Em, are they in anyway influenced by your children? 

Yes! Hunter is so much like my son – definitely all boy, about more serious in his nature and Em is my Kindle – my daughter. They were just like that. At least it’s the way I remember them at that age. They probably weren’t that cute, but a mom likes to dream!

Haha! You’re kids sound like cuteys, for sure. So, what was the drive behind Trent and Gage’s story?

Well, I love Anderson Cooper and Gage is patterned after him. My father and husband are Electrical Contractors, it fit for Trent to do that for a living, but Trent is just a normal, hard working, good guy. Just an everyday guy trying to get through life with the cards he’s dealt.  I like that best in stories. I think we can all connect with Trent and it makes us cheer Gage on for wanting to be in his life.  

That’s what makes the story so great. You can really relate to Trent and that makes him likeable. You kinda just want to give him a big squeeze and a foot rub to take all the stress off.

If you could choose anyone to play the role of Trent and Gage, who would you pick? 

I’ve been hesitant to do this because people get ideas in their heads as to who these guys are and I don’t want to ruin that.

For me personally, when I started writing Trent was Ryan McPartlin  and Gage is a blonder William Levy. *fans herself* I have a crush on William Levy! They evolve from that into someone else as their story gets told. Most pictures I’ve had sent to me could absolutely be them to me. I love having pictures sent over, matching the charries, from people who have read the book.

Well we will back you 100% right there. Hotties!

Was there ever an alternate ending? 

No. Did the ending surprise you?

Without giving anything away. The ending is perfect! The lead up to it is a nice turn. It truly gripped us.
So what we really want to know is, is there a possible sequel in the pipeline? 

Absolutely! Just not super sure where to start. Maybe Rhonny and Gary – but that makes it a male/female story and that’s so been done before! *grins* I teasing! Or maybe new characters. I’m not sure.

That’s exciting news! I (Gael) love Rhonny.

On another note, what is your favourite book of the moment? 

That’s hard. There are so many gifted authors in this genre. I’m a big fan of JT Cheyanne. She’s new, but seriously one to look for. I’ve beta read for her and its exciting what’s coming out soon. Right now I’m re-reading Avril Ashton. I love the way she writes. If I could pick anyone to write like, it would be her.

That’s exciting news! I (Gael) love Rhonny.

On another note, what is your favourite book of the moment? 

I would love to!  Texas Pride paperback should be out this week. YAY! Double Full is scheduled for release in September. Very excited about that. (I wonder if the title of the book indicates what it’s about to anyone???)  Also the second book to Texas Pride is working feverishly. Trying for next Marchish.

Wow, busy lady. Texas Pride was such a success, I know that news is going to get a lot of ladies in a tizzy!

Finally, if you could be any book character, who would you be, and why?

Well, this is a lame answer because I said it above, but I would totally be Blay Rocke! I love that boy! I think I would stick to the Author’s original plan for him, I think he should have ended up with someone else. Don’t hit me for saying that!

Hehe! Kindle, you have been awesome. We have been Booky Ramblings. Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your time and this opportunity! I’m so glad you jumped over the fence and started reading this genre. It amazing what you’re introduced to when you open the possibilities. I love it and I hope you do too! Have a great week!

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  1. I love this interview and thank you for letting me be your first read into the male/male genre. I hope I'm not the last. And what a great name to the blog - Booky Ramblings! I'll be back often!

  2. We were honoured to have you Kindle. We loved every second. Booky Ramblings at your service from now on <3