Friday, 3 January 2014

Review ~ Non Fric-tion By Morgan Parker

I received an ARC for an honest review. This was a first for me by Morgan Parker.

          A first followed by many because as soon as I put this book down, I went to find another of his books – Textual Encounters is another that you can check out ;)

          This is an honest, funny and well - fantastic story. A clever story-teller Morgan Parker is and an awesome book!

          There was a sense of truth within Non Friction, like Morgan knew exactly what he was writing and it was more than ‘just words’. I was captured from the start and struggled to put it down. If it wasn’t for work and such boring reality checks then I could have finished this in one sitting. I swear to you.

          Now this is a deserving rom-com, like any of the best-sellers that you would find in the romance section of your local book-store from best-sellers, only this one is written by a male author and you read it in a males’ POV. I THOUGHT THIS WAS GREAT! You have to admit ladies, that we always want to get inside the man’s head, here is your chance. It isn’t hearts and flowers and there isn’t any steamy sex scenes but the humour alone is enough to keep me reading.

          Morgan Barker (yes that’s the main characters name, a very clever twist) isn’t a suited billionaire with model looks and a rock-star body. He is a real man that you can relate to (kinda, except the part where I’m not a man).

          ‘Princess Bitch/Whore’ the nickname Morgan gives his ex wife. She really is a twat so this made me laugh. Despite the brutally honest nicknames, he continues marriage counselling in hope they will re-kindle their romance. I wanted to kick him at this point.

          In walks Emma, a crazed fan. I should probably mention at this point that Morgan Barker is an author within the story, writing a story based on the romance he shares with Emma (Only he doesn’t realise it yet). So a crazed fan sends him knickers through the post and it turns into honest love. Love is found in unexpected places. Morgan swears he doesn’t believe in love, it is just ‘habit and routine’ and the way in which he explains it really did get me thinking about it (You’re bad man Morgan Parker). But honestly I don’t think he ever did truly love his ex-wife. So when he starts to gain feelings for Emma, he is unsure of himself because real love was alien to him.

Sadly nothing is ever easy, even love. Emma is his perfect, inconvenient soulmate. Miles apart in every sense of the word. I just wanted the poor man to catch a break and for them to tumble into bed together! Easier said than done in this case (which you will find out when you go buy this book - links below ;)) I LOVE their little texting code - Also the books cover. It means different things to each of them but it means SOMETHING and it makes it special. It always arrives at the right time.

          The story within the story is clever how it ties in with Morgan Barker’s own story even when he doesn’t know it. You will have to read it to make sense of it.

          I’m afraid it isn’t hearts and flowers like I said and I gasped at the end but I truly loved it. It deserved to be on the shelves with the best-sellers.

          A brutal, comical and well told love-ish story that will have you laughing out loud and putting all of real life on hold. You would be stupid not to read this book.

Although vague, I didn't want to spoil the story for you. You really do need to check it out for yourself.

Now go BUY it

If you don't believe me when I say this book is awesome, check out the raving reviews on Goodreads and Amazon

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