Thursday, 14 November 2013

Excerpt ~ Reclining Nude in Chicago by Fifi Flowers

A Little Teaser from Reclining Nude in Chicago...

ENJOY a little excerpt from Chapter One...

Knowing that he had always been nothing but a gentleman to me, I really should've thought before I texted my reply to his innocent words. "We received an amazing piece today. A reclining nude."

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I did. Yes, I did. I typed these words plain as day: "What did you say? You like to recline nude?" No backspacing, I hit S-E-N-D! Then I laughed wildly hoping I didn't kill him. It would be tragic if I caused him a heart attack, but I continued to laugh until I heard my phone chime again.

Leery about looking at the response, I pondered if my interview would be canceled. With my hand over my eyes, peeking through two fingers, gritting my teeth, I pulled the phone screen into view. My mouth dropped wide open as I read the words, "Would you like to see me reclining nude? I mean would you like to see The Reclining Nude? ;)" Yes, he added a winking symbol. Hmmm... a little playfulness exhibited by Mr. Curator. Maybe my visit with the old guy wouldn't be so stuffy after all.

What Happens when freelance art writer Julia Van Rothfelder is mistaken for an artist's life model and finds herself reclining nude in Chicago? 

"Reclining Nude in Chicago" is book one of a new Encounters series by Fifi Flowers... Several standalone novellas featuring business women who travel and enjoy interesting encounters. 

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

AVAILABLE November 18th...

About the Author

AUTHOR/ARTIST Writes Romance Novels & Paints Fantasies w/ a Parisian flair! FIFI FLOWERS BOOKS available @Amazon & more!

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