Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Review ~ Lifer by Jane Harvey-Berrick

After eight years in prison, twenty-four year old Jordan Kane is the man everyone loves to hate.

Forced to return to his hometown while on parole, Jordan soon learns that this small town hasn't changed since he was carted off to juvie all those years ago. He is the local pariah, shunned by everyone, including his own parents. But their hatred of him doesn't even come close to the loathing he feels every time he looks in the mirror.

Working odd jobs for the preacher lady, Jordan bides his time before he can leave this backwards town. But can distance erase the memories that haunt him? Trapped in the prison of his own mind Jordan wonders if the pain of living will ever subside?

Torrey Delaney is new in town and certainly doesn't behave in a way the locals believe a preacher’s daughter should. Her reputation for casual hook-ups and meaningless sex is the talk of the town. Add that to her budding friendship with the hardened ex-con handyman, and the good Reverend is less than thrilled with her estranged daughter’s path.

As friendship forms, is it possible for two damaged people who are afraid to love take their relationship to the next level? Can Torrey live with Jordan’s demons, and can Jordan break through Torrey's walls? With the disapproval of a small town weighing heavily on them, will they find their place in the world? Can they struggle against the odds, or will their world be viciously shattered?

Is love a life sentence?

Due to scenes of a sexual nature, not recommended for under 18.


This book is frickin' AWESOME! seriously, i'm thinking why have I never come across it before or even heard much about it! It's a serious hidden treasure...pure amazing story from beginning to end, I cannot justify how much I enjoy reading this book and let me tell you I'm usual quite stingy with my stars but this without doubt is a 5 frickin' star book!!  

I'm so thankful of Sheena for giving me the chance to review this book, I really did not know what to expect but i thought why not i'll give it ago and I'm so glad I did, otherwise I'll miss the chance of digging the gold. 

I was only about 30% in this beautiful story and it already got under skin (in a good way) giving me shiver and tinkling feeling every time, taking me on a emotional roller coaster all the way through the book. Like I was in the book myself or even one of the character, I was so drawn in, felt ever emotion the character was going through. Never a moment you think you can skip or put down the book or even feel like the story was dragging on but no, it flow, sailed through with the right current. 

For once it wasn't how hot the character was (although Jordan was smokin, sweet bad ass...mind drifting to Jordan-land now...wait..wait I got a review to write) or how streamy the sex scene was (they were pretty hot and streamy...pff i'm telling you) the storyline itself was the winner for me. Everything was just a added bonus that made a perfect fit on how the story should be. The story felt so real and you can really relate to it, like if you were in Jordan's shoe or even any character in the book. It was very well written by the author, the build up for the story, the description, it painted the perfect picture for me. I got all the emotion she was trying to show us, you really don't need all the "every two page saucy scene" that some books that have to keep your attention, this book had just amount ingredient to make it delicious. 

Half the time I feel like hugging Jordan, his life has been through hell so far, in one night he has lost everything. Living a life full of guilt, battling with the world and his own demons.  A guy that feels he's got a life long debt to pay and he deserver every bit of hell people give him, stuck in the past and haunting by the surrounding. After spending 8 years in prison, the world has changed a lot since then but the world in his hometown is just another punishment outside of prison, maybe even worst. Especially when your family and friends turn they back on you, showing more hostile and hatred than love. A prison outside prison, torture. A little ray of light start to shine through his darkness, when he meets Torrey, there was hope. 

When two people the world doesn't quite accepted come together, they form there own path and have each other to lean upon. Torrey, come back into town to live with her mum, which is the preacher of the town. There is a standard that is expected of her but Torrey lives freely and speak her mind. Feeling like a outcast, she comes across Jordan. Jordan finds it so strange that someone is talking to him and not give him any evils. Two damage people help each other, bringing each other back up to light, in a world just two of them, which only they will understand. 

Forgiving is real important in this story, getting forgiveness from people is hard but forgiving yourself is also harder. This book takes you on the journey on how Jordan face the world, his parents and the whole town, a second punishment but even more a stab in the heart.  From Torrey he finds another way to live, a reason. She helps him find himself again. It really isn't all sad and all depressing, Torrey and Jordan have some funny banter between them, omg...Jordan is so sweet and adorable and Torrey just kick ass. 

Go and grab you copy now...its just pure awesome, seriously amazing story that will give you the that tinkling feel when you read it. It will give you a heartbreak and warm up, there is hope and there will always be someone that understand you! A book you don't want to miss! 

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  1. Oooh! Thank you so much! Really happy that you enjoyed Jordan and Torrey' story : ) jx