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Thoughtless...left me breathless

S.C. Stephens
Kiera has followed her boyfriend Denny across the country to Seattle, leaving her family and friends and transferring to a different university, to support the man she loves in his promising new career.
Her perfect life is brought to a screeching halt when an unforeseen event forces her and Denny apart. Miserable, lonely and in desperate need of comfort, Kiera reaches out to Kellan Kyle, their gorgeous housemate. Kellan, the sexy lead singer of a rock band, is Denny's best friend. At first that is all he is to Kiera, but as her loneliness grows, so does their relationship.
One night, everything changes - but one thing's for sure, nothing will ever be the same again . . . .
Dreamy Kellan
 My Ramblings...

*Fans face* Phew, where to begin?!

What. a. read. I was lent this book by my fellow Rambler, and boy am I wasn't so long ago I was "who is Kellan Kyle?" . . . Well boy do I know now and he's not one I will be forgetting...I'm literally diving straight into book 2, Effortless.

This was one of those books that kept me up through the night, even though I knew I should go to sleep! Then when I got 2 chapters to the end, I decided to put it down and try to ignore it because I didn't want it to end!

So if I haven't got you itching to read it continue reading...

Kiera, Kiera, Kiera, tut tut tut . . . . (don't play innocent, I know none of you could say no to Kellan).

So we have a typical love triangle, albeit an unexpected one, unexpected for them anyhow. Now, before you deny it, everyone loves abit of an angsty love triangle . . . 'Oh, who to choose?!' the dilemma of which extremely hot guy (both totally smitten with you) to go with, ah such a chore! Plane Jane strikes again with two super model worthy guys lusting after her. Come on, give us a break. What about us?!

In case you cant tell, Im not a huge fan of Kiera's. Lets start with the fact that, after having moved halfway across the country to be with her boyfriend of 2 years, whom she loves dearly, she throws it away at the drop of Kellan's pants (I know he's hot) is this an excuse for infidelity?

Clearly struggling to be alone while her boyfriend is off earning a living for the both of them for a few weeks to a month. We read as she mopes about the house yearning for attention and is only all to happy to jump into Kellans arms when he offers her some comfort. She struck me as abit of a self-centered tool "oh Im alone, Denny has left me" How dare he go earn a living. Its a little bit needy.

After a phone-call to Denny, where he tells her he will be staying out of town for at least a year, its best to say that Keira is not happy about this. OK, OK, I am slightly understanding of her here, she just moved across the country for this dude and now he's off again, she is unwilling to follow her man this time. Why? we ask . . . could it be . . .No surely she doesn't fancy the hot rock singer whom she has been getting cuddly with whilst her boyfriend has been away.

It doesn't take much to push her into Kellans arms.

This is where the story picks up, feelings begin emerging and the steamy flirtation between Kellan and Kiera starts pulling the reader in deep. We don't want to condone an affair but with a chemistry so hot, heavy and natural, we feel its wrong for them not to be together . . . The book has me feeling guilty . . . Surely we aren't rooting for this girl to cheat on her boyfriend?

Things start getting complicated, naturally, and feelings start emerging. Dragging us deeper into the tangle of lust and passion . . .

The descriptive tones of Kellan's beauty are enough to get your heart racing. When his back-story emerges, we begin to see a softer side to him, we want him to have love.

That love happens to lie in Kiera . . .

I found myself rooting for Kellan all along, and I don't mean 'Yeah, that's right Kel, steal that's dudes girlfriend, whoo yeah' but I did want him to have a happy ending. Denny really doesn't play a huge part in winning us over, he seems to always be working and doting on Kiera, in between shifts, so it makes it easy for us to fall for Kellan. We feel slightly neglected for Kiera.

Ah, the coffee stand scene . . . Gee whizz! This tugged at my heartstrings, whilst shouting at Kiera to do the right thing . . . then BAM . . .Well, lets just say, coffee holds a new meaning now.

"Me or him, Kiera?" thoughtless I blurt out "him".  My breath literally halted when she said that, How could you Kiera?!

This book has a lot of tender moments that had me welling up or tugging on my heart strings . . . Poor little heart of mine.

"You don't have to wear it, I'll understand. I just wanted you to have something to remember me by. I didn't want you to forget me. I'll never forget you"


It tests you. Right and wrong. Head or heart. Safety or passion.

I found it slightly predictable, after everything it puts you through, it cant end badly for them, so of course Denny will go back to Australia, where our naughty little love birds can get their happy ending . . . Don't get me wrong, Im pleased about this . . . That's what this book does to you . . . Im a bad person now cos I rooted for them but they are in love so who cares, right?

Why don't you decide for yourself . . .

Pure angst, a fiery, passionate love story and an absolute MUST READ!!

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