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Winning Back Ryan by S.L Siwik

After a horrible day at work, I came home to find my a curious position. After determining why he was unhappy, I, Anne Watson, decided to try and fix our broken relationship. My four closest male friends, however, had another idea. Revenge.  
**Content Warning: This book contains a sexual assault scene and mature material. ** 

Ramblings . . . 

Four guys and one girl...well what can i say she is one lucky girl, especially they are all her bestest friends. Who say male and female can't be just friends! well...obviously the story can't be that simple *wink wink* Do i need to say anymore about this book...surely that make you intrigued already. Well...It's a rollercoaster ride of friendship, relationship and listening to your true feelings.  I loved this book, it kind of took me down memory lane actually. I was once lucky to have 3 guys as very close/ bestest friends like Annie did, so i understand where she is going through and totally relate to the story but obviously Annie's story is more interesting than let's focus back to this book. The book is full of laughter, banter and emotions. Having best friends from the opposite sex, you can say its different but then you can say its the same. You will see from Winning Back Ryan that its so much funny having guys as your best friends, everything is so much more carefree. It really shows the strong friendship between the 5 friends, always there for each other, no matter what the situations is, their bond is strong like super glue with deep understanding of one another. Annie's 4 amazing friends Max, Ben, Brian and George, all have different charming characteristics and play a different part in Annie's life.  

I'm sure you all would agree that it's impossible not to have some sort of feelings towards your bestest friend, especially it the opposite sex and they know the ins and outs of you better than yourself. The story shows how your bestest friend can hold back his own feels as long as he see her happy and how they don't force her to choose between friends or the boyfriend and even go behind her back just to protect her. Annie really is lucky enough to have the sweetest, caring and charming friends ever. They all decide to help Annie when she does to take revenge on her ex boyfriend because the way he cheated on her but she soon realised where her true feelings were all this time. Annie is probably a little selfish, not facing her feelings are or just annoying them because she treasure her friendship and to scare to see it will destroy it all if she takes that step. 

Obviously i can't give you all details as much i want to shout it out to you will totally spoilt the book. It really is great book, love triangle, friendship, relationship, sexy truly is a joy to read.  Not a moment dull...once you start reading, you feel like you're another friend to them... 

About S.L Siwik: 

She loves going to NJ diners on the weekend for inspiration, drinks a pot of coffee a day, and loves finding new music to add to her playlist. Author to Just Good Friends and Winning Back Ryan. 
Getting Back Annie, Office Perks, and Sirens and Sweethearts are soon to be released. 

Five Fun Facts: 
1.     I am a chocoholic. I have reserve stashes strewn about my house. 
2.     I grew up horse-back riding and competed seriously. Instead of turning pro, I went to college instead. 
3.     My favorite color is purple. 
4.     I have thirteen piercings on my body-9 in my ears, 1 in my nose, 1 in my labret, 2 in my belly button. 
5.     Large crowds make me nervous. 

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