Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Beautiful Downfall By Scarlett Jade

Camille Taylor's life fell apart after the tragic accident that haunts her every waking moment. She became a recluse, only looking forward to each day with the hope of having those dreams... A handsome man with dark hair and wicked eyes visits her at night, keeping her company as she struggles to get past the sudden death of her beloved parents. There is something undeniable about him. She is drawn to the mysterious man like a moth to a flame. This couldn't be insanity, but it can't be real, either...

Casey Philips has his own damaged past that put him in a delicate situation. He is an angel working for redemption, and has been watching over Camille since that horrible day where her mother and father were stolen away. It's all God's plan, they are fine and well now, but the task of helping this lovely human get past her grief to move on in her life is quickly taking a wrong turn. She's stunning and plays the key role in his every thought. Angels aren't suppose to fall in love with their clients. If he continues he could lose everything and fall from God's good graces. But if he stops he will lose the most important person in his life.

With every thing on the line, Casey and Camille set out on a life-altering adventure to discover if love really can overcome anything.

A tale of true love and the journey to reach it. Through death, life and even heaven.

I have had this book on my TBR for a while now and I finally picked it up and read it within one day. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know then I shall do my best to make sure by the time you have read this, you’re heading over to Amazon.

Scarlett opens your imagination to a new place where love is born between 2 people destined for one another (it just takes them a while to get there). Cami is a troubled girl after the tragic death of her parents, leaving her alone in the world. As she slowly resists the will to carry on, shutting herself out from the world, along comes her Angel and together they bring each other back to life.

It really is that sweet a story. Our Angel, Casey, is condemned against love. He has a role in Heaven to fulfil but he can’t get Cami out of his head!

“I love you Camille Elizabeth Taylor, and I will be damned if I let you go again”

There are some real tender moments between Casey and Cami that had me going all gooey. Don’t go thinking that it’s one big sop-fest because there are some real witty lines too. The conversations between Casey and God had me giggling at times. I love their relationship.

The characters are likeable and I found myself wanting to spend more time with them. The book seemed to end too quickly and I wanted to see Casey and Cami as a couple and finally have sex for real ;) but we have a happy ending. They are the sweetest couple.

A favourite scene of mine is the reunion of our forbidden lovers. I laughed out loud for real.
I loved the split story telling between our characters. We were able to get inside both their heads and really feel the love they have for each other. Not to mention the descriptive writing. I always felt like I was right there in the diner or wandering through the Angels quarters.

Scarlett is imaginative and creative with her story-telling whilst still keeping it grounded to the point where its believable. Okay, so I know we don’t have angels wondering the street but everyday love can be a battle and it’s about whether that love can withstand time and how determined you are to be with that person.

Could you let the person you love go? 

"I'll fight Heaven and Earth to be with you"

Heart-warming, captivating and fresh. Buy it now here.
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