Monday, 10 June 2013

Cant wait to get our hands on . . .

You're aching with need . . .

Sweating out and flustered . . .

Your fingers are twitching . . .

The book you have been waiting for, for an eternity is due out so soon!!

Here's our most anticipated books of Summer 2013 . . .(We can now cross Entwined with You by Sylvia Day off the list)

This Man Confessed

Ava, why the fuck am I handcuffed to the bed?” 
― Jodi Ellen MalpasBeneath This Man

Jesse and Ava had us breaking out in a hot sweat! we cant wait to have them back in our lives 2 July!!


With the weight of his body, he pressed her back against the wall, and licked the soft spot below her earlobe. "Tell me how much you f***ing want me," he breathed.” 
― Gail McHughCollide

Steamy, compelling and fiery, and thats just Gavin Blake ;) we need him back in our hands . . .and we can 10 August!!

Wethering the Storm

Holding my face with his hands, fingers buried deep in my hair, he stares down at me in the darkness. 
“It’s always been you, Tru. Always.” 
― Samantha TowleThe Mighty Storm

Jake and Tru . . . *sighs* we just LOVE them both!! Hot, passionate, sexy and we want more!! 20 August!! (Pre-order)

Not long now ladies, hang in there . . .Let us know if there are any books you are dying for . . .

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