Friday, 14 June 2013

Huge Giveaway!!

You guys are awesome and we want to thank you

What better way than to give 1 of you a prize . . .

Okay, okay, how about 2 of you . . .

We're feeling generous so we will bump it up to. . .

8, thats right, 8 prizes for 8 winners

These awesome authors JODI ELLEN MALPAS, SCARLETT JADE AND NICOLE TETTERTON have given up some awesome prizes for you to win

Then we threw in an extra

Here's what you can win . . Either one of;
An early release cope of Fated by Nicole Tetterton
1 of 5 bookmarks especially made for This Man Trilogy by Jodie Ellen Malpas
Ebook novella Just a Little Taste: Love at First Bite by Scarlett Jade
1 £10 Amazon Gift Certificate

Just to repeat, you will only win one of these prizes . . . Sharing the love <3

What are you waiting for . . . Enter Now

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