Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Top 5 Hunk Results!

Hey Book lovers! 
We've finally got the results of our sexiest man voted by you! 

We had a clear winner by far.... 
You may have voted for him or may not but i'm sure you would be happy and won't say no to him ;) 
He is the hottest, sexist and most adorable rock god...
1) Kellan Kyle ! ! <3

followed by....

2) Jesse Ward -This man Series 
3) Gavin Blake - Collide
4) Gideon Cross -Crossfire series 
5) Travis Maddox -Beautiful/walking Disaster 

Thank you everyone for taking part, we couldn't made the decision without you all. It was the hardest choice we had to was a major dilemma but we have a Top sexy hunk now!  

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