Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review ~ Surviving Goodbye by Morgan Parker

Another wonderful story by Morgan Parker. Surviving Goodbye is a cleverly written story about Elliott Fitch and his struggle to let go of his recently deceased wife.

Surviving Goodbye is a mystery that keeps you guessing all the way through. My own guess was way of the mark (You will know what I mean when you check it out for yourself). The book itself is quite a pleasant surprise. Morgan Parker has a special way with words. Like all his books, this is about the journey in finding live – in fact it’s more about stumbling upon love. There is almost a darkness and sombreness to his writing with just a small amount of light to see you through to a happy ending.

          At the same time, there is a light-heartedness to it and it will make you laugh and smile in places. I did however question at one point find myself questioning points of the story but it all makes sense in the end. It’s about the power that love holds over a person and the crazy things it can make a person do.

I think my favourite thing about this book is the relationship between Elliott and his daughter, Lena; a stroppy teen that has survived a lot in her sweet sixteen years. The relationship they share is somewhat strained but beautiful all at once. There a few special moments that had the corners of my mouth turning up.

Part of me would like to go back in time and learn more about Elliott and Karen because the few slivers of history between them are very enticing to the romantic streak in me.

          A nice easy read that will, at the same time, keep you guessing all the way through whilst warming the cockles of your heart.

Author bio: As a shy and introverted male author, Morgan Parker seeks refuge in sleep. Where all of his friends live in his dreams and nightmares, and where he never has to pay for his non-fat cappuccinos. He has written the Textual Encounters Series, Non Friction, Sick Day and, most recently, Surviving Goodbye. He is currently at work on his next novel, Violets and Violence… yes, in his dreams.