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We truly love chatting with you guys about all books drool-worthy!

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We are honoured to be invited on Blog Tours and just as flabbergasted when we are offered an ARC to review.

We only review honestly. Not only does the author deserve an honest opinion but so do our awesome followers. We would love nothing more than to read 24/7 (I mean, who wouldn’t) but unfortunately real life kicks us up the butt sometimes. We strive to read as often as we can and we take on as many ARC’s as possible (Seriously, we LOVE reading).

In return for your generosity as an author, we promise to publish our review on our blog and advertise anyway we can via Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. We are looking into Goodreads ;p (Slowly taking over)

We will always respond to you beauties!


Love G&Y

Booky Ramblings Rating Scale

* 1 Star - Not our cup of tea - Pretty Shit
** 2 Stars - Better with a bottle of wine, or 2
*** 3 Stars - Worth a Read . . . We liked it
***1/2 Stars - Stuck in a rut with this baby. Just tipped it over the scales ;)
**** 4 Stars - Bloody Awesome! We loved it & will re-read
***** 5 Stars - The absolute bees knees! We will ramble your ears off!  EXTREME BOOKGASM!! 

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