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Booky Ramblings is made up of Gael and Ying. We both live in the UK. We have known each other for years but didn’t really know each other. Until we discovered that we are both complete nerds that drool over the same books. Now we talk each other’s ears off about our never-ending reading list. There is only so much yapping we can do between us, so what better way to vent than through a blog where we can ramble until our hearts content.

Gael – I am a self-confessed book nerd and proud of it! I will pretty much give anything a go but I’m a sucker for a good, steamy romance or fantasy. I have a soft spot for dystopian themed books. I love nothing more than sitting in the sun with a good book or my kindle and then having a little ramble with anyone who with listen.

Ying- What can I say, I love nothing more than sit and read all day and night if I could. I'm one of those who will keep saying to myself just one more chapter in the wee hours of the night but next thing I know it's bright and early outside. The secrets gotta come out, i've got weakness for bad boy books, yes I know...every girl wants a bad boy but I just can't resist. I also can't say no to a saucy, steamy love story with sexy man to add to the imagination who could right. Let's share the nerdy love of awesome books together!    

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