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Booky Ramblings with ~ Jodi Ellen Malpas ~ SPOILER WARNING!!

This little British blog had the absolute honour of interviewing the one and only beautiful mind behind The Lord of the Manor and all things ish!

As the storm calms and before This Man hits our shelves in paperback, we made sure to ask all the questions we know you’re (and we’re) dying to know about!

Jodi Ellen Malpas!

BR: Did you ever expect This Man to take off like it did?

Jodi: Nope. I think that’s common knowledge. I’m still wondering what the hell is happening!

BR: You actually recently made a BBC news article when This Man Confessed took over Dan Brown’s sales on Amazon, how did that feel?

Jodi: It’s madness, isn’t it?! I’ve read all of Dan Brown’s novels and loved them. If you’d said to me that I’d top him in the charts, I would’ve laughed in your face. In fact, when my agent called and told me I’d topped Dan Brown on Amazon and hit #1 on The New York Times, I think I did laugh…then I cried like a baby and my mum ran to my house in her pyjamas to cuddle me.

BR: Do you remember the exact moment that our Lord of the Manor popped into your head? Tell us about it . . .

Jodi: He festered in my mind for a long long time - his story building in my head until it was all very clear to me. I practically lived the whole story in my head before finally settling down to bash it all out. It was like I needed to empty my brain of him.

BR: Thank goodness you did! Tell us something we don’t know about Jodi Ellen Malpas . . .

Jodi: I’m a qualified interior designer.

BR: Wow! Are you more alike to Ava than we know. If you are ever approached to turn This Man into a film/TV series, what would you say?

Jodi: Ha! What would I say? I’d say… “Give me front row seat on the casting couch and a bottle of oil, and it’s all yours!”

BR: Which hunky actor would you choose to take up the lucky role of Jesse Ward?

Jodi: I thought it was common knowledge that I’ll never share my muse. Or are you chancing your arm?!

BR: We tried =P *looks around the room innocently* Now, we are British ourselves so we totally got it but we know some were confused by the British slang in the trilogy, what would you say was the one word that you were asked to define the most?

Jodi: Jumper. Oh Lord, I received endless emails asking what a jumper was! That was the most queried, but there were many others. It still makes me smile. I recently wrote an article for The Huffington Post on British slang. When I wrote the books, it never cost me a thought that American readers might not understand the meaning of certain words, mainly because I didn’t expect to have an American audience. I’m so glad I have, though. I love their enthusiasm. They’ve really embraced me and my knickers.

BR: Indeed, women everywhere have fallen for The Lord and Lady. When you get the time, what kind of books could we expect to find you reading?

Jodi: I haven’t read for such a long time. It’s the one thing that has gone down the pan since this crazy ride began. As I’ve said above, I love Dan Brown. History really gets me, so the Da Vinci Code stayed with me for months.

BR: Quite different to your own creation. This Man is by far one of the sauciest trilogies we have read (and that’s saying a lot :P) so tell us, how on earth did you think up the idea of a Lord and his Sex Manor? (Thinks rowing machine and handcuffs)

Jodi: The Manor was a massive part of Jesse’s history, as you know. I loved the idea of a typical country estate in the typical English countryside, but with very untypical goings on, and an even more untypical Lord of The Manor. The story evolved perfectly in my mind.

BR: *Laughs* Pure genius! How ever did you come up with the rowing machine Jodi? (woman to woman of course)

Jodi: I’ve no idea where that came from. Slide and hit! I can’t look at them anymore.

BR: Well I'm sure plenty have looked at one with a curious eye since reading This Man trilogy *winks*. In your home town of Northampton, do your neighbours look at you the same way? :p

Jodi: My neighbours are elderly and very sweet. Don’t make me think like that!

BR: *Bites lip to stop laughter* Do you have dance moves like Jesse?

Jodi: Urm…Fanny and I are known for tearing up a dance floor or two.

BR: We bet you have! So are you too, obsessed with peanut butter?

Jodi: I can’t stand the stuff!

BR: Describe yourself in 3 words

Jodi: Independent, focused, people-pleaser.

BR: Are you sad the trilogy is over?

Jodi: Totally devastated, but with the paperbacks releasing soon, I kind of get to relive the excitement of release dates all over again. S’all good J

BR: Indeed! We can't wait to have This Man gracing our bookshelves! Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Jodi: Yes, there is, even though they should all know by now how much they all mean to me. But, just in case and without sounding like a gushy idiot, my readers have been riding the This Man wave right along with me, enjoying the success, sharing in my excitement and continuously offering words of support and encouragement. I’ll never forget that. Me and my ladies are friends for life.

BR: We, along with millions of others, are DYING to know what is next for Jodi Ellen Malpas? Any secrets you can share?

Jodi: I have a dirty great big secret, but I’m not allowed to tell just yet. With the paperback releases on the horizon, I need to focus my attention on that. It’s killing me, trust me on that.

Thank-you for the honour Jodi. It's been awesome!

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