Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Lady of the Manor ~ Ava Ward ~ SPOILER WARNING!!!

The Interior Designer that knocked the breath right out of The Lord of the Manor.

We are so lucky to have the (now) wife of Jesse Ward, the beautiful Ava Ward, with us at Booky Ramblings HQ!

Ava, what a doll. We are so happy to have you here with us!

Ava; Thank you, pleasure to be here. Did My Lord behave?

BR: Your Lord did very well. We need to rewind because we have to know, were you honestly not scared to have the crazy man that is Jesse Ward, trying to trample you?

Ava: Yes, I was terrified, but not of him. I knew what he was capable of very early on in our relationship. The only danger that man is to me, is to my heart.

BR: *Holds hand to heart* What made you stop running from him?

Ava: I was exhausted. He’s a persistent pain in the arse.

BR: *Laughs* Describe The Lord of the Manor in 3 words?

Ava: Cocky, irresistible, hard.

BR: Have you learned to like peanut butter yet?

Ava: We’ve improvised. I’ll say no more, although I’m sure he will.

BR: *Shuffles quickly to next question* What is the sweetest thing Jesse has done for you?

Ava: Bloody hell, I can’t nail it down to one! His mission objective, according to him, is to cripple me with passion and happiness, but he fails to realise that he also cripples me with frustration. He does say some lovely things, though.

BR: We have got to ask, what on earth was going through your mind when you decided to hand-cuff Jesse to the bed all day? (Brave move sister)

Ava: *laughs* I have no idea. I didn’t plan on leaving him there, but I also didn’t plan on him going so crazy. In fact, I didn’t plan it very well at all, did I? Holy shit, he went through the roof! But I did get his age out of him, the stubborn arse. He has a real hang-up about it. He trains and runs like Forrest Gump to keep in shape, but I don’t care because he can’t drag me around with him, now we have the twins.

BR: Perfect! We know, no-one could handle Jesse like you can. Do you think you have tamed him? Does he drive you crazy on a daily basis?

Ava: He drives me crazy on an hourly basis! Countdowns, Jesse-style fuckings, tramples, they’re all still a constant presence in our relationship. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I let him have the power, most of the time.

BR: Of course. How is family life?

Ava: I’m  permanently on Central Jesse Cloud Nine.

BR: *Swoon* What 3 songs would you pick to describe the stages of your life with your Man?

Ava: I can’t pick just three. For most days of our relationship there’s a track, mainly because Jesse has zero phone manners and rigs my phone with his choice of song for that day.

BR: And, honestly, how good is rowing machine sex?

Ava: *Blushes* Depends who you’re rowing with, I suppose. My rowing partner is an expert.

BR: Which leads us to our next question, which kind of Jesse f*ck is the best?

Ava: Sleepy sex, without a doubt. I don’t want to state the obvious, but it really isn’t worth ‘bleeping’ where curses may be, not if you’ve interviewed my husband!

BR: How does it feel to be Mrs Ward?

Ava: Right.

BR: Indeed. Any secrets you want to share?

Ava: Lots, but I’m at risk of receiving a retribution fuck if I do and I want sleepy sex this evening. I’ve been defiant too much lately, hence plenty of retribution fucks. He antagonises me on purpose. I want gentle Jesse tonight.

Ava Ward, it’s been a rollercoaster! We have loved every second.

Ava: Thanks! It’s been great to curse without being shouted at!

*Laughs* Thank-you for popping in to Booky Ramblings


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