Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Lord of the Manor ~ Jesse Ward ~ SPOILER WARNING!!

“Intense, hot-blooded and controlling”

“Gentle, affectionate and protective”

He will trample anyone who stops him from getting to Ava.

There is only one Jesse Ward.

We managed to sit The Lord of the Manor down for some questions at Booky Ramblings HQ! See for yourself . . . 

Jesse Ward ~ The Lord of the Manor, we have been dying to get our hands on you. What a pleasure.

Jesse: Ava’s getting really good at trampling. You should know that before we continue. We had words before I came here.

BR: We will be on our best behaviour *winks* You have been known to be somewhat a crazy man (Holds hands up, I’m sorry) and others have described you as laidback. So tell us, how would you sum yourself up in 3 words?

Jesse: God. Lord. Lover. Adonis. Stunning. Firm. Lovable. Cheeky. Charming. Adorable. Charismatic. Magnetic. Handsome… Should I go on?

BR: Okay, Okay we asked for that. Now tell us 3 things you love about Mrs Ava Ward?

Jesse: Just three? Have you met her? Fuck me, that’s impossible. But if you’re going to ask stupid questions, then in 3 words, beautiful, spirited and patient, gorgeous, perfect, defiant, challenging, stunning, wonderful, loving… Stupid question.

BR: Yeah okay, 3 words was pushing it. How is life after The Manor?

Jesse: Fucking perfect – full of countdowns and my various degrees of fuckings…when the twins aren’t around.

BR: Do you ever miss the lifestyle of being The Lord of the Manor?

Jesse: I’m still The Lord. The lifestyle is a distant memory and one I’d rather not talk about, but I’m still my beautiful girl’s Lord or God or Adonis – whatever takes her fancy that day. It’s generally positive…except when she’s being a defiant little temptress.

BR: What’s your shoes size Jesse? (They say shoe size says a lot about a man *wink wink*)

Jesse: Twelve, and for any US ladies, that’s a UK 12, just to be clear. Judge for yourself.

BR: *Mouths drop* Moving on, Okay, how did it feel in that moment that Ava agreed to marry you?

Jesse: Shocked, given my tactics. But she’s a sensible girl.

BR: *Nods head in agreement* What is your favourite food? (You can’t say peanut butter)

Jesse: Then I’m not answering. Stupid fucking question.

BR: *Laughs* You sure do like your peanut butter. On another note, do you love lace in general or just on Ava? (Be gentle *wink*)

Jesse: Just on Ava, although it looks just as good on the floor once I’ve peeled it off…with my teeth. *adjusts groin* How many more questions?

BR: Hang in there. Where is your favourite place to be in the world? (With Ava of course)

Jesse: Anywhere no one can interrupt our constant contact. Is that it?

BR: Which 3 songs best describe the stages of your life with Mrs Ward?

Jesse: Fuck me! There’s just one track, and I think you know what that is. Next question.

BR: Now, we know you are quite the adventurous type *Smirking* tell us where are you yet to explore sexy time? (Flashbacks of the rowing machine)

Jesse: *Grins* Have you got a rowing machine? We must be done now.

BR: Not currently but I'm sure as hell looking into it! What is your guilty pleasure?

Jesse: Sun-Pat, you know that.

BR: Do you trample everyone to get what you want, or is that just where Mrs Ward is concerned?

Jesse: I’d never trampled a thing in my life before I met Ava. She makes me crazy. Trample? Where the fuck did that word come from? I’m good at it, though, aren’t I? Please tell me we’re done now.

BR: Nealry there. You have a habit of playing with your food *wink wink* can you give us any recommendations for the bedroom? (Besides an Ava éclair)

Jesse: Fucking hell, ladies, are you aiming for torture? You can’t have the Ava Éclair. That’s mine, but I know Ava highly recommends a peanut butter lollipop – a very BIG peanut butter lollipop. It’s the only way she’ll eat the stuff. Me? I’ll lick it off anything. I need to go and make friends with Ava.

BR: Okay, we will behave now, promise. How does it feel to have a family of your own? What emotions did you feel, holding your babies for the first time?

Jesse: *growls* I can’t fucking remember. All I remember was the pain Ava was in, and I didn’t touch the twins for hours because I’d lost all feeling in my hands from Ava scratching and biting me. It’s the first time she’s mistreated me and I didn’t enjoy it. It was the worst day and the best day of my life, all at once. I never want to see her go through that again. Tell me we’re done.

BR: Ok you're doing good so finally, (Jesse: Thank fucking God!) can you share any secrets with us? (promise we won’t tell)

Jesse: No, you’ve squeezed me for too much information already and I have three beautiful people waiting for me at the park with a picnic. Sorry, ladies, but if I don’t get there soon, my boy will have munched his way through all of my Sun-Pat or my little lady will have hidden it. And I need to makes friends with my wife.

Jesse, it’s been crazy! We were delighted to have this opportunity with you. I honestly didn’t  think we would make it through (we were too excited, no ish about it).

Thank-you for popping in to Booky Ramblings HQ

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